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About us

"a little bit about us.. We are a fledgling business based in West Wales, UK.  Created by my husband Oliver and myself, our ethos is to make great quality, eco-friendly yoga products available at competitive prices. We carefully select each product considering the materials, sustainability, eco-friendliness, price and quality and we are constantly looking for new products to add to our range.  We work in partnership with Tree Sisters in restoring our planet and for every order, we commit to donating the cost of planting one tree!

We connect with our audiences via Instagram and Facebook and love welcoming newcomers to our growing customer list.  We utilise Trustpilot and Provesource to give new customers confidence in our service and professionalism. 

We offer wholesale prices to Yoga Teachers and Yoga Studios. For a wholesale quote, please use the form on our contact page.

We truly appreciate the area and surrounding areas we live in and really do feel fortunate enough to have the countryside so close to our hearts. In recent years, the world is changing at an unprecedented rate and we all need to come together and do our part in pushing for a greener & healthier way of living. Yoga is a peaceful yet incredible way of learning self control & discipline and becoming whole with one's mind and body. We recognise that many people today are purchasing yoga mats and products online. The market is hugely competitive and there are many different products to choose from.  Our aim is to only stock products that we have tried and tested ourselves and which represent the best value for quality, eco-friendly, yoga products. When you invest in one of our products you can be sure that your journey to fitness and wellbeing is also a conscious effort for your world.

Thank for your interest in our business and our products."



Bringing you great value, eco-friendly yoga mats and products direct to your door

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