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Four Mindfulness Mantras to live by

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

There are many ideas about what a mantra actually is. Is it just a thought, a word or an incantation, or perhaps even a a prayer repeated over and over? There's probably no definitive answer. Suffice to say, its okay to choose whatever works best for you, the idea is to use a mantra as a tool to trigger a calm and quiet mind. By using a mantra, you will create a sense of relaxation and will be able to bring your consciousness into the now, creating a real sense of mindfulness. You can create a space in which you focus only on the very moment that you are living right now, and in doing so its possible to bring about a deep sense of peace, tranquillity and connectedness to your surroundings.

Mindfulness seems to be one of the words of the moment and it makes you wonder whether we were mindful before it became the latest thing. It may not have always been referred to as mindfulness but it is highly likely you have already come into contact with the practices that produce the same benefits. Benefits like regulating our emotions, decreasing stress levels, reducing anxiety and of course, observing how we are feeling - without making judgement.

Being mindful is really just paying attention to what is happening in your mind, body and your environment and staying present and observant in that space. So it can be likened to a meditation.

We have chosen four ideas for your practice. See how you get on with them. If there is something in particular you want to work on, go ahead and replace one of these with your own. Before you begin its important to carry out some preparations so that the time you spend is uninterrupted and comfortable. Turn off any screens and leave your phone out of the room. You will discover that you can survive without it! Try one of our four mindfulness mantras today.

Whichever Mantra you are going to use follow these easy steps throughout the process.

  1. Sit, stand or lie in a comfortable position. I like to close my eyes but this is optional!

  2. Breathe naturally at your usual pace, following the rise and fall of your breath with the mantra.

  3. Whenever your thoughts stray to other things, bring them back to the flow of air in and out of your lungs, and just keep going.

  4. The mantra may start to sound odd, like it doesn't make sense. That's normal - like when you hear a word that you've heard many times before and it suddenly sounds strange.

  5. You might last only a minute or maybe more. Do not judge yourself. However long you manage, observe how you feel when you have completed the exercise. You may feel energised, sleepy, thoughtful or relaxed but just observe how it makes you feel.

Inhale, exhale

It doesn't get much more simple than this mantra. Your mantra is simply "inhale, exhale" and you should inhale and exhale as you repeat it.

Listen & hear

This mantra is "listen and hear" and whilst you breathe be mindful of the sounds in the space. Whatever that is, whether its birdsong, the ticking of a clock, your breath - keep focussed on the sounds to the exclusion of all else. In life, the ability to hear as well as listen is a gift.

Peace in here

This mantra is "peace in here" and whilst you breathe repeat the mantra allowing the peaceful vibes to wash over you and all around your safe space. Observe how the peacefulness stays within you even after the exercise is over.

Relaxed body, relaxed mind

This mantra is "relaxed body, relaxed mind" and whilst you breathe repeat the mantra and let the tensions in your body fall away bit by bit. Quieten the chatter in your mind and if it starts up, just let those thoughts go and bring yourself back to your mantra.

Living by these simple mantras and taking time in your day to practice them leads to a greater wellbeing and a clearer mind.

Better start today!

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