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Gratitude - a daily check in

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

Gratitude is one of the most vital aspects of personal development, yet most people underestimate it. By reflecting on your feelings, you can help you better organize your emotions and understand yourself. Daily mindfulness also has an incredibly positive impact on your behaviour. It can ease anxiety and improve your overall mood and attitude!

Here are our top four tips for a daily check in to gratitude!

  1. Don’t list the same things every day. The point of mindfulness exercises is to find positivity in your everyday life, despite the changes and upsets. You’ll quickly feel tired and bored of daily check-ins if you use the same ideas over and over again. You should get specific and learn to express yourself in creative and unique ways each time.

  2. Be consistent. If you practice gratitude every day, it’ll quickly form into a habit. It would be best if you did it at the same time every day to help your brain get used to the routine and speed up your thinking process.

  3. Answer questions. Instead of simply listing items you’re grateful for, try to answer specific questions. What is a mistake that helped you learn today? What does kindness teach people? What new thing in your life are you thankful for? You can always look new question ideas up online!

  4. Try some meditation. You don’t have to write down your feelings to practice gratitude and healthy living. Yoga meditation also allows you to spend time reflecting on yourself and your experiences throughout the day. Practicing thankfulness changes how you view the world - a setback or what you once disliked might even become a valuable learning lesson!

Daily gratitude check-ins can help transform your life by changing your perspective on what you deem necessary. You’ll become happier, cope with stress better, and improve your relationships.

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