Sticky Yoga mat (Wide)

Sticky Yoga mat (Wide)

Our versatile Oeko-Tex* "sticky" mat is 4.5mm thick for a comfortable grounding and at 80.5cm wide, it provides great extra wriggle room! As the name suggests, the mat sticks to the ground and offers  excellent grip and support during your practice. Great for Yoga and Pilates at all levels.


The mat comes in standard and extra long length. 


*Oeko Tex is a product testing system that labels and certifies the safety of textiles and textile products.  This product was manufactured in Germany to Oeko-Tek's 'Baby Standard' 




  • Specification/(s)

    Thickness: 4.5mm
    Length: 1.82m / 182cm / 1820mm
    Width: 0.80m / 80.5cm / 805mm
    Weight 2.4kg
    MaterialsPER (Polymer Environmental Resin)

    Extra Long  200cm 

  • Care Instructions

    Do not fold or crease your mat.    To clean the mat, roll it out flat and then use a mild soapy water to wipe down the surface.   Leave to air dry before rolling for storage.

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