This bundle contains 6 Cork mats (3mm)

his Yoga Mat offers an exceptionally comfortable practice. The soft supple cork surface is warm and soft to the touch and the natural rubber underside creates superior cushioning for your joints with a solid grip. This mat is biodegradable, sustainable, ethical, ecological and antimicrobial.

Cork Mat Bundle of 6 (3mm)

  • Thickness3mm
    Length1.83m / 183cm / 1830mm
    Width: 0.61m / 61cm / 610mm
    Weight :  2.2kg/2.4kg
    Materials:  Cork, Natural rubber

  • Do not fold or crease this cork yoga mat.

    Always roll your mat so that the rubber surface is on the inside and the cork surface is on the outside.

    To clean the mat, roll it out flat and then use a mild soapy water to wipe down the surface.   Leave to air dry before rolling for storage.