Cork Travel Yoga Mat

Cork Travel Yoga Mat


This Yoga Mat has a soft cork top above a TPE base.  It is a lightweight mat so great for travel but is not as thin as some other travel mats can be.  Although light and therefore very portable, it is a generous 5mm thick and the TPE base is substantial and provides soft cushioning for your practice.   


This mat is recyclable, ethical, ecological and antimicrobial. 



  • Specification

    Thickness: 5mm
    Length: 1.76m / 176cm / 1760mm
    Width: 0.61m / 61cm / 610mm
    Weight 850grams
    MaterialsCork, TPE

  • Care Instructions

    1. Do not fold or crease your cork yoga mat.
    2. Always roll your mat so that the rubber surface is on the inside and the cork surface is on the outside.
    3. To clean the mat, roll it out flat and then use a mild soapy water to wipe down the surface.   
    4. Leave to air dry before rolling for storage.
  • Materials

    This cork mat is made from natural cork (top side) and a TPE base (underside)