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Yoga in Nature

Recycle repurpose reuse

Don't know what to do with your old yoga mat?

Send it to us!

When you purchase one of our sustainable mats, you can re-use the box we send your new mat in to send your old one back.  Whether your mat is PVC, PU, TPE, Cork or Jute, you cover the cost of the return of the mat, and we will take care of the rest!

We will then recycle, repurpose or reuse the mat depending on the material and its condition.  For mats with a bit of life left we will give them a restoring and thorough clean and offer them to charities, schools, shelters & hostels.

You can reuse or repurpose your old mat yourself too, here are a few ideas to consider.


Depending on the material, your old mat could be the perfect, soft resting place for your doggo/cat. If you don't have a pet, there are many kennels that might be able to use some soft durable lining for their crates & cages.

Schools & Nurseries

Many schools are on tight budgets, so its a great ideas to reuse old mats where they will get plenty of use.  

Kitchen unit shelving

Another great way to make use of your old mats, would be to cut them to the size of your kitchen unit shelving, where they can be used to provide grip inside the unit and will  prevent your shelves from getting  scratched.

Homeless shelters

Homeless shelters may be able to  utilize these for the unfortunate people sleeping rough, giving them something a bit warmer to stay on than the cold floor.

Winter car screen protector

It can become a hindrance having to de-ice the car in the morning. Especially when stretched for time. Using your old yoga mat is a brilliant way to save time in the morning protecting your window screen from frost!

Rug grip

We all know how annoying it can be when the hallway rug slips around, so providing you have the correct mat for this, you can use it to stop the movement.

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