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Treesisters planting a tree for every order

we plant a tree for every order

Protecting our rainforests is a huge priority for the future of life as we know it. As humanity grows, the need for money, materials, land & food grow just as quick. We need take action against the mass deforestation that's happening over the world and reduce our carbon footprint. Our small way of contributing to this effort, was to make the decision of becoming partners with TreeSisters! They encourage leadership in women whilst helping to restore the ecosystem we need to survive.

We are so excited to watch the the numbers grow with every purchase!

Forest Trees

Did you know?

Over 70 Million acres of forest are destroyed each year!

20% of the world's oxygen is from the amazon rainforest!

Other than the ocean, the trees play a major role in the absorption of  carbon.

Deforestation causes the extinction of wildlife, soil erosion, global warming & flooding.

Together we can reduce our carbon footprint and make a change.

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