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  • Natural Rubber - things you might not know.

    Rubber is one of the most ubiquitous commodities within our world. , to create natural rubber. There are about 20 million tons of rubber produced every year, with 40% from natural rubber. Over 90% of latex and rubber comes from South East Asia. The biggest threat to the rubber tree and natural rubber is disease.

  • Navigating our Eco Yoga Mat Collection

    The cork mat comes in 3mm and 4mm thicknesses and has a smooth cork top and a natural rubber underside Both cork and rubber are sustainable materials and they are also biodegradable. ecoYoga Jute Mat is an entirely "sticky" mat and is composed from plant-based ingredients, 100% natural rubber

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  • Ecological Yoga Mats

    This weighty yoga mat is made from polyurethane & natural rubber, making it an all round solid mat for

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