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Practicing Home Yoga During and Post Covid

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

Yoga not only benefits your physical health but focuses on improving your mental health too. Anxiety and depression are at an all-time high because of Covid-19, so take care of yourself with some home yoga sessions. You only need some comfy clothes and our ecological yoga mats to get started! Here are our best tips for practicing home yoga during and post Covid.

Schedule It

You’re more likely to do something if you’ve written it down in your planner. Be smart about it, though - schedule it at a time when you’ll be inclined to do it. Maybe you feel more motivated at midnight right before going to bed. Even just five minutes of practicing breathing techniques can be a successful yoga session!

Set Goals

It would be best always to try to achieve something, such as a new pose, improved balance, or greater flexibility. Perhaps your goals are more spiritual or educational, where you study eco yoga and how to live more sustainably.

Have A Group Session

You might be feeling lonely or depressed because of the pandemic and lockdowns, so you must take the time to socialize. You can still have a yoga session with your friends - just do it over a video call! Practicing home yoga can help your mood and anxiety while you’re away from your loved ones. Listen to Your Body

Whenever you’re feeling exhausted or particularly stressed out, change up your routine to best suit you. Listen to your mind and body and do a home yoga session that you need, whether it’s something relaxing and therapeutic or works up a full sweat.

Reward Yourself

Finally, the best thing you can do during Covid is to reward yourself constantly. It’s hard to drag yourself off the couch and complete an exercise routine, so always praise yourself for practicing. You should also be proud of using sustainable yoga products and helping the earth!

Yoga is a form of healing, so take advantage of it during this stressful time. It’ll strengthen muscles, ease anxiety, improve sleep, and allow you to be more in tune with your thoughts and feelings. Grab one of our ecological yoga mats and get started practicing eco yoga to live a more sustainable and balanced life, even during a pandemic!

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