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Six top tips to maintain your sanity during lockdown

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

We are bringing you our six top tips for maintaining your sanity during lockdown but note that these tips will also work equally well during more normal times too!

1. Establish a routine

Routines are important for us all but become particularly important if you are working from home, or perhaps not working at all. Routines help to keep us busy and provide us with some control over what is happening during the day. As well as the chores you have to do - work, cleaning, cooking etc, try to set time aside for the things that will make a difference to your well-being. Schedule a home workout, a relaxing bath, some meditation or a stroll in the air (within prescribed guidelines of course).

2. Eat well

The temptation to graze may increase when you find yourself at home more than you are used to. Try to be sensible about what treats you keep in the cupboard to help you moderate your intake. When that snack attack hits, slice up an apple, eat a small handful of nuts or perhaps have a rice cracker with your favourite spread on it. Sometimes, a glass of water will be enough to divert your attention from the craving and you will be able to wait for your next meal without too much difficulty.

3. Exercise

Easier said than done. But eventually "tomorrow" will become "never". So make today the day you schedule in that little workout. This can be exercise at any level so whether you have a short walk, follow a routine on the TV, do a zoom class or roll out your yoga mat for a practice it all counts. Exercise will produce endorphins and these will improve your well-being greatly as they make you feel happy! What better excuse to schedule some exercise into your day.

4. Meditate

Even a very short time spent meditating can bring huge benefits. This is well worth scheduling into your day. Ten minutes of meditation will relax the mind and body and will also create those happy hormones endorphins. This might be tricky to schedule in around a busy home life but don't forget that you are worth it!

5. Stay connected

Lockdown can be a lonely time. Worries can grow, concerns become accentuated. You can still connect with social media and even the phone! Reach out to friends, neighbours and family and talk. You will be glad you did. And so will they!

6. Take up a hobby

This might just be the making of you! Did you ever do scrapbooking, knitting, sewing, baking or any of those other hobbies? Whether you have experience or not, now might be the time to explore one of these hobbies. It can be fun and very rewarding to take on a creative hobby and you never know where it could lead you. It might just end up being your next business!

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